article photo 2 July, 12 2021

Story-driven game


At Portal Games we stand by our motto: “Board Games That Tell Stories”. We proved this time and again with our internationally acclaimed detective series of cooperative games consisting of Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game and its expansions, L.A. Crimes and Dig Deeper, as well as a stand-alone sequel, Detective: Season One offering 3 individual crime cases. Our next step was Vienna Connection - a spy game set in Central Europe in the midst of the Cold War, also using the Detective system, with added new mechanics connected with the espionage theme. Dune: House Secrets is our newest story-driven game employing the Detective system.

In Dune: House Secrets you will find yourself in the middle of the conflict between two Houses. Your every decision will influence how the story unfolds. Wherever you go, whoever you befriend, or who will you pick as your enemy is entirely up to you. Where will this adventure take you? Find out soon.


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