article photo 3 June, 10 2021

Ready for production


We are really excited to announce that Dune: House Secrets, the game we are all waiting for, is ready. All production files have been finished and approved internally as well as by our licencing partners. This means that the game will soon enter the production process and will have its premiere in the fourth quarter of this year. Get ready to explore a fascinating world of Arrakis and the story created by our amazing team of Ignacy Trzewiczek, Przemysław Rymer, Weronika Spyra, and Jakub Poczęty. Stay tuned for more news to come.


Faradin 2 years ago
Woop! Can't wait to find out more info on how this plays!
Khorne 2 years ago
9 hours in total , what is the replayability ? how many times can I reply the whole story ?
Freddie C 2 years ago
If this improves an already great game, then Portal Games has knocked it out of the park!
Portal Games 2 years ago
@Khorne there is the prologue chapter too, so it should be more than 9 hours. You can replay it, as there are different decisions to make and different paths to take, but it's supposed to be a one time experience.

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