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Pre-order campaign


Pre-order Dune: House Secrets to get a special limited edition of the game. There are only 1500 individually numbered English language copies with the pre-order exclusive upgrades and bonuses that will not be included in the retail version of the game. The pre-order campaign is scheduled for July 12th to July 26th or until the stock runs out. Every day we will surprise you with new game content: unlocked bonuses, component upgrades, and new details about the game. Sign up for the Dune: House Secrets newsletter to get notified about daily unlocks. 


Paul 1 year ago
How do we tell if we are within the first 1500 to pre-order?
Charles Owens 1 year ago
How can i order no link
Kevin Broussard 1 year ago
I'd like to pre-order a copy of Dune House secrets
Portal Games 1 year ago
@Paul if you did order in our shop, you are in the first 1500 pre-orders. After 1500 copies get pre-ordered, there will be no option to place an order.
Joshua Hottle 1 year ago
Where do I pay for the pre-order items?
John 1 year ago
Can retailers preorder? If so, do they preorder here or through a distributor?

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